Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The youth, "Golden Autumn" was harvest celebration.

The Youth Center and their teachers celebrated Golden Autumn Harvest on May 8. The youth's teams were named "Pink Rose", "Speed​​" and "sea food", and "Golden Autumn Harvest" and made various foods, snacks, drinks and juices created competed with their own hands. These foods were made with all kinds of vegetables and were colorful and delicious. 

Some of the new types of food, for the "Golden Autumn Harvest" included a foods mixed bag beet salad, beet and juice, The "Pink Rose" team made a Mexican salad and potato’s skinned. The "sea food" team made a bag of potatoes, cauliflower coil, cabbage dishes and snack food and through making these new foods, the youth were able to learn. New recipes have been added to the kitchen. 

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