Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Youth Center

Youth Center
                As a continuation of activities and services offered by the city government, we offer temporary housing and certified skills training programs to youths ages 18-21 who have aged out of child orphanages, who do not have protective services, are homeless, are unskilled, or who have requested not the leave to offical care of the government.
                The problem of supporting youths once they have aged out of tradition orphanages has been discussed since 1995 but a decision on how to serve them was not made until recently. In order to address this issue, the City Government Leadership worked with the Japanese Government Social Development Fund under the “ Social Activities Development-Second Phase” to construct our youth center which opened in March of 2013. The center can accommodate 70-80 youths with dormitory style rooms housing 4 to a room with 2 rooms sharing a bathroom and kitchen. The youths also have access to laundry facilities allowing them to function as independently as possible.

Employment Training
The Child and Youth Development and Training Complexs Youth center supports youth from the entire city. Coming to the center from both public and non-profit orphanages, the centers 40 or so youth live, work, and develop together. In order to support orphans, youth who have aged out of other centers, and those without homes, the city government (under decision 150) established the The Special Complex for Child and Youth Development and Training March 1st, 2013 for youths ages 18-21. The center not only offers them a safe place to live, but provides much needed employment training.

The goal of employment training: To prepare homeless youth who had aged out of other services with knowledge, skills and experiences that will translate into them being about to find skilled labor positions which in turn will put them on the path to better lives and empowerment.

Training goal: Our goal is for students to learn skills in their chosen trades, to incorporate safe practices into their everyday work, to become skilled at working with hand and electric tools, to learn how to select appropriate materials for their work, and to give them the skills that they need to find employment. Our center offers training in these 5 career fields:

Hotel hospitality
Nursing assisting
Shoe repair

Students attend each training for 45 days which includes a mix of classroom and hands on learning.

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