Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The “Smile” Family Group

The “Smile” Family Group
The “Smile” family group is home for 15 boys ages 9  to 16.  Our group includes 2 orphans, 12 half orphans, and 1 boy who while has living parents, was removed from his difficult and alcohol damaged household and placed in our care. The boys in our group all attend school with 13 attending public school #27 and 2 at our center attending informal education classes. The boys in our group participate in the  boxing, English, soccer, and drawing clubs. Some of the success of our boys include

      Gold, silver, and bronze medals in a boxing competition
      Two silver and one bronze medal in a soccer tournament
      First and second place in freestyle dancing at a dance competition
      And the “Natag Dorj” badge at an art competition

The “Smile” family group’s motto is:

We Smiles are intelligent
We Smiles are leaders
We Smiles are trustworthy
We Smiles are leaders

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