Tuesday, May 20, 2014

“Simba” Family Group

“Simba” Family Group
The “Simba” family group is home for 14 healthy, strong, and smart boys ages 11 to 16. In our group we have 4 full orphans, 8 half orphans, and 2 boys with living parents. The two boys with parents who live with us due to abandonment or because their parent’s where abouts are unknown.  10 of our boys attend general education schools while 4 are educated at our center in our informal education program. Simba boys participate in dance, English, soccer, brass band, volleyball, basketball, and art programs.  Some of their many successes include
     Over 20 medals from art competitions
     Gold medal in soccer
     Silver medal in track and field
     6 gold and 4 silver medals from freestyle dance competitions
     Gold medals for Exceptional school student and Industrious school student
     Gold medal and champion in a school chess competitions
     5 outstanding students
The “Simba” family group motto:

We Simba boys “Develop by our studies, and mature alongside our classmates
                            Grow up through work and are socialized by the public”

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