Tuesday, May 20, 2014

“Od” or “Star” Summer Camp

“Od” or “Star” Summer Camp
The children of our children center spend each summer at our summer camp “Od” or “Star”. The camp is located in the beautiful Ar tolgoi area in Jargalant village, Tov province. The children enjoy the bright sun, fresh air and water, and the plentiful dairy products in addition to the various programs and activities organized for them.  Along with relaxing and playing, the children gain valuable work experience by planting 1.5 hectares of potatoes and vegetables, weeding, exterminating insects, and harvesting crops. At camp the students are divided into Narhan, Sansar, Simba, and Shonkhor groups and participate in center-run as well as outside, non-profit organization-run programs. Activities include
       Free time, learning
       Health, conditioning
       Summer school
       Creative work and life skills training
Our camp was founded in 1973 but since then no major repairs or renovations have been made. The wooden buildings are warped, lack wind proofing, and are cold making for difficult living conditions for the children.

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