Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meet the “Altangadas” Family Group

Meet the “Altangadas” Family Group
 “Altangadas’ motto:
Altangadas shines like the stars in the sky
Altangadas shines like a symbol of our reputation on our suit’s right lapel
Altangadas is especially shiny among the groups

The “Altangadas” family group is made up of 18 young ladies ages 5 to 17 years old. There 4 girls ages 5 to 8, 10 ages 12 to 14, and 4 ages 15 to 17. Of the girls in our family group, 3 are orphans, 12 are half orphans, and 3 have living parents. The girls who have one or two living parents but live at the center were removed from family situations that had been negatively affected by extreme poverty or alcoholism. The girls in our group participate in ballet class, design club at the Children’s Palace, design club with fashion model Sodtuya, English club, and the brass band. Our girls are very talented in arts, sports, and education and have been very successful in a variety of competitions. Successes include

     Silver medal in a boxing competition
     Gold, silver, and bronze in the national youth Taekwondo competition
     Gold, silver, and bronze in art competitions
     “Excellent Studies” and “Outstanding school student” from the General Education System
     Badge from the Natsag Dorj art competition
     Gold, silver, and bronze medals, certificates and awards for scholarship from the Mongolian Children’s Palace.


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