Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Group Name: “Gentlemen”

Family Group Introduction
Group Name: “Gentlemen”                                                                     
    Group Motto:
We youth have one wish
To aim in this universal world
With faith and spirit
To do it all
Our Goal: In order for us to have wonderful future lives, the most important thing is to succeed in our current trade studies and our general educations, side by side together in one thought and many accomplishments.

Our family group is made up of 11 boys ages 17 to 21 years old. Six of us joined the Gentlemen family from the Special Center for Child and Youth Development (SCCYD), two from the Onor Bul (Large Family) center, one from World Vision International, and two from the Badamliyanhuya (Lotus) center.
In our family we have 4 full orphans, 6 half orphans, and 1 youth with living parents.
We work and study at the following places:
       One at university
       Two at the Mongolian Technical and Manufacturing College
       Five in high school
       One in the hotel hospitality training program at SCCYD
       One working at Tuushin Company
       And one at Mish Mash Company

Our goal is to with one dream and one wish to be competitive in sports and art competitions united in one, strong voice.

Examples of successes by our youth include:
       Gold medal in a SCCYD sponsored table tennis competition
       First place in the youth center sponsored “Sporty Youth” competition

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