Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Decorative Arts

Decorative Arts
The decorative art center offers children ages 6 to 18 classes in leatherwork, doll making, origami and other types of handicrafts that the children are interested in. This center helps students to develop their artistic and other life skills. Leather, paper, wood, cans, and other materials are used to make a wide variety of handicrafts using different methods. The basics of drawing including sketching, color study, and design are taught using visuals in drawing class. By creating art, children feel empowered in their abilities, develop their skills, and find greater self confidence.
Also offered is a world art history class. In this class students are introduced to world art legacies and cultural history. By conducting research, exploring the works of Mongolian national craftsman and woman, making connections between their work and others, and by deepening their knowledge of aesthetics, the students they become better, well-rounded, people.

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