Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Children’s Center

Children’s Center
         Our center provides 24 hour care for children in Ulaanbaatar who have been abandoned by their parents, are homeless, were taken from dangerous home environments, or have lost one or both parents. Ages 4 to 18 years old, these children are brought to the center by the Child Protection and Residency Services unit of the capital and district police. Children are supported up to the age of 18 with housing, education, socialization, and protection.
         We currently have about 120 children ages 4-18 receiving services. Ninety five percent of our students attend either Amgalan, the 92nd, or the 55th general education city schools. In their free time our children are encouraged to develop themselves with art and sports clubs at the Children’s Palace and other organizations.
Often when our children arrive at the center they are illiterate, are behind in school, are lacking in life skills, or have been abused. To address these needs the center offers in-house  informal education services to catch students up to where they should be and to prepare them to enter the general education system.

Life Skills Training
In addition to recreational activities, children participate in a variety of life skills related classes and trainings. These include:

-Shoe repair
-Environmental studies
-Computer Science
-Physical Fitness
 -Informal Schooling
The main children’s center is a comfortable and homelike space for children to live, learn, and spend their free time in. The center boasts a :
· 150 seat culture center
· 150 seat cafeteria
· Mongolian culture center
· Children’s creativity studio
· Gymnasium
· Weightlifting room
· Life skills training center
· 3500 book library
· The summer camp “Star” that can host 150 children at a time.

Summer Vacation
             Every summer the children are sent to our countryside camp “Star” located near Jargalant town, Tov province. At camp, students enjoy fresh sunshine, water, and air and are strengthened by  traditional Mongolian dairy products and diverse activities. Along with relaxing and playing, the children gain valuable work experience by planting 1.5 hectares of potatoes and vegetables, weeding, exterminating insects, and harvesting crops.

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