Tuesday, May 20, 2014

“Brotherhood” Family Group Introduction

“Brotherhood” Family Group Introduction

Group Name: Brotherhood
The “Brotherhood” family group consists of 11 male youths ages 17 to 21. We have 4 full orphans, 4 half orphans, 1 with living parents, and 2 with parents who are unaccounted for.  The one young man with living parents is in our center due to neglect and abandonment. Brotherhood boys are currently studying and working at the following locations:
       One is studying at university
       Two at the Mongolian Technical and Manufacturing College
       Three in high school
       Three participating in self studies
       One working at the Jiguur Grand group’s Jiguurvuud wood factory
       and one working at the “Tom Tsagaan” company

Accomplishments of our group
       At the Life Skills Training and Manufacturing Special Center and the Special Center for Child and Youth Development (SCCYD) our boys successfully participate in soccer, volleyball, and table tennis.
       Won gold, silver, and bronze medals at school and youth center table tennis competitions.
       A gold medal from a school basketball competition.
       Gold and silver medals from a dance competition
       Gold medal at a school badminton competition

The “Brotherhood” group motto: The brotherhood never goes back, never gives up, and never retreats.

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