Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Brass Band Program

Brass Band Program
The Special Center for Child and Youth Development (SCCYD)’s brass band “Yargui” or “Anemone”, was founded in 1999 by teacher A. Jargal. Our first group had 10 children. Since 2002, Ts. Mart teacher has been working hard to identify children with an interest in music and to develop their talents. In addition to learning how to play instruments, the “Yargui” band members learn about culture and perform their music for others. Former members of “Yargui” Kh. Batbayar and O.Lkhavga-Ochir are currently studying music at the Japanese National Nici Academies College of Music.
“Yargui” band members include the youngest children to those becoming adults and is always accepting new children with the aiт of preparing them for future careers in music. The “Yargui” band is thankful for the support of foreign donors who have given musical instruments including a donation in 2012 from Germany which greatly increased the number and quality of musical instruments available to the children.
At the yearly capital day cultural festival “A future with music”, the “Yargui” group has found great success with 3 first place gold medals in 2007, 2008, and 2011. Additionally, solo artists E. Monkhdol won a bronze medal and B. Battushig a gold medal, both for the coronet.

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