Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The youth, "Golden Autumn" was harvest celebration.

The Youth Center and their teachers celebrated Golden Autumn Harvest on May 8. The youth's teams were named "Pink Rose", "Speed​​" and "sea food", and "Golden Autumn Harvest" and made various foods, snacks, drinks and juices created competed with their own hands. These foods were made with all kinds of vegetables and were colorful and delicious. 

Some of the new types of food, for the "Golden Autumn Harvest" included a foods mixed bag beet salad, beet and juice, The "Pink Rose" team made a Mexican salad and potato’s skinned. The "sea food" team made a bag of potatoes, cauliflower coil, cabbage dishes and snack food and through making these new foods, the youth were able to learn. New recipes have been added to the kitchen. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Children's teeth examinations were conducted.

E.Anudari from the National Medical Sciences University School of Dentistry taught our students how to prevent dental disease and the taught  of the children how to properly brush their teeth after eating sweet food and gave advice on how to protect their teeth by brushing their teeth every morning.
Another guest teacher who came was of a German officer, Ms. Gabriella Schmidt-Corsitto who showed interesting visuals on counseling.

   We are thankful for these guests and hope that they will come again and help us to be successful.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Members of the “MM Car” Club celebrate birthday’s with our children

On May 31st, 2014 owners and members of the Toyoto Mark-II and Mark-X Yerossa club celebrated the birthday’s of about 40 children from the Child and Youth Center. Children got their hair cut at Matrix salon, visited the children’s park, ate lunch, and each received a gift.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


About Us
      Our first center, named “The Children’s Trust”, was established in 1991. In October 1995 the center’s name was changed to the “Training and Production Welfare Center” to reflect changes in operation and on September 30th 1999, under the auspices of the Capital Government and the Child Protection Center, the center became “The Work Development Training Center”. On April 13th, 2004 the city government passed decision number 158 changing the name to the “Special Center for Children Education and Development” and finally, under the direction of the Capital Government law A/150 the center’s name was updated to “The Special Center for Children and Youth Education and Training Center” on March 1st, 2013.
 Children’s Center
      Our center provides 24 hour care for children in Ulaanbaatar who have been abandoned by their parents, are homeless, were taken from dangerous home environments, or have lost one or both parents. Ages 4 to 18 years old, these children are brought to the center by the Child Protection and Residency Services unit of the capital and district police. Children are supported up to the age of 18 with housing, education, socialization, and protection.
      We currently have about 120 children ages 4-18 receiving services. Ninety five percent of our students attend either Amgalan, the 92nd, or the 55th general education city schools. In their free time our children are encouraged to develop themselves with art and sports clubs at the Children’s Palace and other organizations.
      Often when our children arrive at the center they are illiterate, are behind in school, are lacking in life skills, or have been abused. To address these needs the center offers in-house  informal education services to catch students up to where they should be and to prepare them to enter the general education system.

Life Skills Training
In addition to recreational activities, children participate in a variety of life skills related classes and trainings. These include:
-Shoe repair
-Environmental studies
-Computer Science
-Physical Fitness
 -Informal Schooling
The main children’s center is a comfortable and homelike space for children to live, learn, and spend their free time in. The center boasts a :
· 150 seat culture center
· 150 seat cafeteria
· Mongolian culture center
· Children’s creativity studio
· Gymnasium
· Weightlifting room
· Life skills training center
· 3500 book library
· The summer camp “Star” that can host 150 children at a time.

Youth Center
            As a continuation of activities and services offered by the city government, we offer temporary housing and certified skills training programs to youths ages 18-21 who have aged out of child orphanages, who do not have protective services, are homeless, are unskilled, or who have requested not the leave to offical care of the government.
            The problem of supporting youths once they have aged out of tradition orphanages has been discussed since 1995 but a decision on how to serve them was not made until recently. In order to address this issue, the City Government Leadership worked with the Japanese Government Social Development Fund under the “ Social Activities Development-Second Phase” to construct our youth center which opened in March of 2013. The center can accommodate 70-80 youths with dormitory style rooms housing 4 to a room with 2 rooms sharing a bathroom and kitchen. The youths also have access to laundry facilities allowing them to function as independently as possible.
Trade School
In order for our youths to gain professional skills in a short amount as well as to gain work skills that will allow them to support themselves, we offer the following training courses.
            -Family care and nursing home assistance
            -Hotel hospitality, housekeeping
            -Shoe repair
It is very hard not to know the love of parents. Today there are many children and youth who must development without the love and care of parents in lives of darkness with only a belief in themselves to lean on. Fortunately we are able to give them the love and care that is missing in their lives. We wish for the future of our motherland that all children and youth find the love, protection, and happiness that they deserve.

Shoe Repair

Students are trained in all types of shoe repair technology. They learn how to repair tears and rips, to affix new heals, to sew on boot soles, to expand and shrink shoes, and many other shoe repair skills. They also learn how to properly prepare the materials they need for their craft.